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I don’t mean to disturb your day but, today in Iraq children had their heads cut off because they were born to Christian parents. Actually, I take my apology back, I hope this does disturb you today, enough to drive you to pray for the Christians of Iraq.

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“ Happy V-J Day ”

14 August 1945: Japan surrenders unconditionally to the Allies. 

The story I heard growing up was that my mother and some of her friends took the streetcar downtown and went around kissing sailors. 

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“ Now Ron Fournier wonders if Americans would rally behind Obama after another 9/11 the way we rallied behind Bush, and I think the answer is no — because Obama has spent his entire time in office flicking boogers at half the country. ”

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"From now on, as we celebrate the memory of this new saint from year to year, we must also remember the [Holocaust], that cruel plan to exterminate a people — a plan to which millions of our Jewish brothers and sisters fell victim…For the love of God and man, once again I raise an anguished cry: MAY SUCH CRIMINAL DEEDS NEVER BE REPEATED against any ethnic group, against any race, in any corner of this world! It is a cry to everyone: to all people of goodwill; to all who believe in the Just and Eternal God; to all who know they are joined to Christ, the Word of God made man. We must all stand together: human dignity is at stake. There is only one human family.”

- St. John Paul II, Homily for Canonization of Edith Stein

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But they say there’s no INFLATION

Here’s what it looks like at my house —

Gallon of gasoline:  Bush, 1.89 (USD); Obama, 3.89.

Gallon of milk:  Bush, 1.89; Obama, 4:29.

Whole chicken (fryers, on sale): Bush, 0.49; Obama, 0.99.

Pound of bacon:  Bush, 3.29; Obama, 6.99 (on sale)

Income:  Bush, ” n “;  Obama, less than ” n ” (Longer hours for same pay if you’re on salary like me.  Bonus or overtime in this economy? Not so much! You’re lucky if your hours have not been cut!).


I don’t know whether part of this is just because I live in California…

When normal people say “inflation” they mean the price of goods rising over a period of time.  But when economists say “inflation” they choose to mean their own patent calculation of the ratio of money supply (always a guess- er, carefully derived calculated number) to Gross Domestic Product (also a guess - er, carefully derived calculated number).

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fall colors - black

winter colors - black

spring colors - black

summer colors - black

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So Americans don’t eat turkey on Christmas.






What is wrong with you people.

We have Thanksgiving.

Turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas. That is the American way. lol

My family has prime rib. Last year we were able to slaughter a Wagyu beef cow and HOLY HELL it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.


I think it goes like this, okay? Turkey for Thanksgiving. Roast beef for Christmas. Ham for New Year. Bacon for — ALWAYS!

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The government summed up in two gifs. 

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Build your own AR-15 ghost gun… CLICK HERE »


Build your own AR-15 ghost gun…

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